Terms of Service

If you are interested in requesting a commission from us, please make sure to read through our Terms of Service.
If you apply for a commission, it will be assumed that you have read and understood this ToS, and that you agree to them.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


  1. Application
    1. Will not draw
    2. Trello Queue
  2. Payment
    1. Refunds
  3. WIPs
  4. Finished Work
    1. Can
    2. Cannot
  5. Copyright and Closure

1. Applying for a Commission

We can only accept a number of commissions at the same time. While we have free commission slots, we will indicate that they are open. On the other hand, when we have enough work, we’ll indicate that commissions are closed.

In the case our commissions are closed, you have the choice to apply for a commission, but you will be placed in the waiting list.
We will not give you a completion date until a slot is free and we move you in from the waiting list. We will contact you when the time comes. In no case will we start with your commission without your confirmation beforehand.

Commissions are not always first come first serve. We reserve the right to choose who we want to work with based on the applications, as well to reject works we don’t find comfortable to work with.

When applying, please have in mind that we need:

  • A clear description of what you wish to commission, the more details the better
  • Clear references (either images or written descriptions, both even better)
  • Contact information

We will normally reply to commission entries in up to 48h in working days unless otherwise noted (e.g. holidays or events).
We’re not usually available on weekends, so we may answer next week if you contact us on Friday.

You will receive an email from us informing you whether we take in your commission inmediately, we place you in the waiting list, or we reject your request. In this last case we will give you our reasons for why it was rejected.

If you apply for a commission and not receive an email from us within 48 hours (keeping the above conditions in mind) let us know! There can be errors or typos or we can have missed your entry.

You must be over 18 to apply for a commission or have permission from your responsible person for it. We do not take resposibilities of any kind that may come from not having permission to request our services. You are responsible for your actions and requests. If you apply for a commission we will assume that you either are over 18 or do have permission for it.

1.a. Will not draw

As stated before, we reserve the right to refuse to draw anything we do not feel comfortable with.
That said, we will reject drawing anything (although not limited to) hateful/racist/sexist/LGBTQ+phobic.

If you have any questions or concerns about your commission throughout the commissioning process, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please note that we do not constantly check out all our sites, so if you have an urgent question send us an email.

Just like for commission applications, we normally reply to emails in up to 48h in working days unless otherwise noted (e.g. holidays or events). We are not usually available on weekends, so we may answer next week if you contact us on Friday.
If you contact us and not receive an answer from us within 48 hours (keeping the above conditions in mind) let us know! There can be errors or typos or we can have missed your entry.

Make sure to check your spam folder!

1.b. Trello Queue

After your application is approved, you’ll be placed in our Trello Queue, either in the Slots (ToDo list) or the Waiting List (if the Slots are full). This page is always public, so you can check it at any time.
We will place there your commission information. Make sure to double-check it, as we’ll use it as reference for the work.
Once we give you the deadline for your commission, it will also be added to your trello card. Any other comments or any extra update will also be added there.

If, for any reason, you don’t want us to put the work information in our queue (e.g. the commission is a present for someone), please let us know and we’ll leave public only a Code-name and the deadline and keep the information in an intern board.

2. Payment

Currently we only accept payments through PayPal platform. (No PayPal account needed to pay)

We work with full payment upfront.

If we accept your application, we will send you the payment invoice. It will include a summary of the type of commission you have ordered and, when applies, a breakdown of the price. We will also include a deadline for you to pay it before we move you to the waiting list and free the slot.
We will not start working until the payment has been received.

If you have any questions about your payment or any information related to it, please do not hesitate and ask us before you proceed with the payment.

If the commission is too large, we might allow you to split the payment if you need it. Talk to us about it when applying.

All prices are in Euro (€). Paypal allows you to choose the currency to pay with if yours is a different one.

If you would like to tip us, you are welcome to do it in anytime! It is always appreciated ♥

2.a. Refunds

Under all circumstances the refunds will not include the fees PayPal has already taken. We are only able to refund the amount we receive.
If we have begun the commission process and you’d like to stop it, please let us know as soon as possible.

Refunds are available under some conditions:

  • If we have not begun the work, a full refund will be issued.
  • If we have begun the commission process, a partial refund based on how much we advanced will be issued.

Refunds will be issued within a week once they are requested.

3. WIPs

We always send you the sketch of your commission (unless you ask us not to) so you can confirm that everything is correct before proceeding to the final version. This sketch is ONLY FOR YOU and is only for information. Do NOT use or post it publicly. Do not tamper with it or its watermarks either.

You may request edits to be made in the sketch. Minor edits will be done for free. If we missed information you already gave us we’ll also fix it for free. Mayor edits and big redraws, way too many edits or changes over information already provided will come with a small fee. This fee will be based on the amount of work and will need to be paid before we proceed with the work.

After the edits are done we will provide a new WIP so you can confirm that everything is correct. We want you to be happy with the artwork you request!

If you realized later on that you want some more changes, please let us know as soon as possible! If the commission is not yet completed, we may allow you to still do some changes applying the rules stated above.

Once your sketch is confirmed, we’ll give you the deadline for your commission.
We do our best to stick to this date. If for some reason we are unable to make it in time and we have to reschedule your completion date, we will notify you as soon as possible of the change. This would only happen due to an emergency or unexpected event that prevents us from working.

4. Finished Work

Once we finish your commission, you will receive a full-res version of the work and a web (smaller) version for posting online.
Please do not share the high-res version of the artwork. Keep it for private, personal use to prevent outside parties from using the art for profit.

If after completion there’s something that we missed within the details you provided and there was no opportunity to fix it in the WIP stage of the work (e.g. details not included in the WIP or color errors), we will edit and fix it for free.
However, if the edit is something that could have been requested in the WIP stage of the work, we will charge a fee for it. This fee will change depending on the size of the edit.

4.a. Can

  • Non-profitable uses of the artwork are welcome. You can crop or altere the artwork for use of personal icons, banners or similar.
  • Post the web-version of the artwork anywhere you wish to. In this case, we would like to get the credit as the artist. Although it’s not mandatory, we’d very much appreciate it if you link back to one of our galleries, profiles or website ♥
  • Print the artwork for personal use (NEVER for selling or profitable use!!)

4.b. Cannot

  • Remove our signature from the artwork.
  • Publish the artwork (as in books, antologies, etc) without our EXPLICIT permission to do so.
  • Sell copies of the artwork or use the artwork for any kind of profit unless discussed and agreed prior to finishing the work.

We retain all copyright of all the artwork we create unless rights are discussed and paid for.
Commissions are examples of our work and may be included in our portfolio. We retain the right to post it to our galleries if we desire so. If possible, we will include the commissioner information and, if requested and provided, the character creator alongside the artwork.
We will never take credit for characters that we did not design.

By working with us you accept these terms of use.
These conditions are subject to changes without the need of notification.